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Like Mike

The Shroyer Family
The Shroyer Family

Some friends may remember a blog I wrote two years ago about why we were doing something called “Cre8” instead of going to a “regular church.” I named several things I felt drawn to about Cre8, but it was awkward and messy, too. What it really boiled down to, the reason we were a part of Cre8 for 3 ½ years, is simple: We saw that Mike and Ami Shroyer were the real deal. Genuine, honest, Jesus-loving, people-serving, others-minded, selfless, world-changing, visionary leaders — although still human, too, of course. We didn’t exactly know how far we would go, but we decided to tag along for the ride. Fast forward … Continue reading Like Mike

Life Lessons from Death

DSC_0182I haven’t had a lot of first-hand experience with death, so I don’t feel at all qualified to write about it. Yesterday we lost our beloved family dog, and I know that losing a pet isn’t anything like losing a person. Except, it is. And when something profound happens in my life, I write. So I will attempt to tackle my emotions through my typing fingertips and hope you’ll forgive me if I make a mess of this post. Continue reading Life Lessons from Death