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Here are a few of my favorite blogs, Web sites, and Facebook pages — ones that have encouraged, challenged, and inspired me. Enjoy!


http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/ If you haven’t read Katie Davis’ book by the same name, you’re missing out. Her simple love for Jesus and willingness to move to Uganda at the age of 18 (and adopt 14 orphaned girls by her early twenties!) in response to His call on her life makes her book one of the most inspiring and challenging I’ve ever read. Her blog follows her journey with the same moving stories, raw emotion, and amazing sincerity.

http://www.aholyexperience.com/ I just love Ann Voskamp. Her writing is poetry and theology intertwined so beautifully. I don’t know that I ever read a single entry without crying — the startling, soul-cleansing, truth-revealing kind of crying that brings me closer to Jesus and leaves me with peace that passes understanding. God has given her a gift that touches many lives.

http://cre8theblog.blogspot.com/ My family recently discovered Cre8, a family ministry that can’t be described in just a handful of words but has given us a place to worship, grow, and relax together as a family. The blog covers the ministry, family, and house that Cre8 calls “home.” Cre8 is in its infancy but is destined for great things in the Kingdom of God!

http://coolbeans3.blogspot.com/ In 2004, we moved to Tulsa, OK for my husband to attend aircraft mechanic school, where he met another student who had a calling to become a Mission Aviation Fellowship mechanic and/or pilot. They became lifelong friends and worked together in West Palm, FL, following their training, and today David Burton and his family serve with MAF in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His wife, Nancy, manages this blog with humor, tales, photos, and an honest look at missionary life in Africa.


Facebook Pages

facebook.com/crystalgarvin.health.wellness My page on creating a healthier you with reviews of food, products, and fads to help you discern what is truly “natural” and “healthy” as well as what is best for your body and what will work for your family.

http://www.facebook.com/IEOministries.org You cannot know me very long without learning that I am deeply connected to a mission in Tanzania, one I first learned about at age 13 and had the privileges to visit in 1995 and 2007. I hope to take my whole family soon, spend much of my life there, and support IEO for the rest of my life in whatever capacity God makes possible. I can’t say enough about how much I believe in this expanding mission that is run by natives and supported by U.S. individuals and churches. It includes a Bible training school, vocational training center, orphanage, medical clinics, a hospital project, and a K-12 Christian school. All ministries and services are provided free of charge. This ministry is about spreading the Gospel, meeting practical needs, and changing the future of East Africa one person at a time. It has changed my life, too, and one of my life’s passions is to spread the word about IEO. Like the Facebook page to learn how to get involved, sponsor a child or student, or otherwise support and pray for this ministry. Stay tuned for International Evangelism Organization and Christ Hope Orphanage updates and events.

http://www.facebook.com/amazima Facebook page of Amazima, founded by Katie Davis.

http://www.facebook.com/busyhomeschoolmom A great page by Heidi St. John, one of my favorite homeschool authors and speakers.

http://www.facebook.com/biblicalhomemaking A lovely page for anyone who wants to learn more about Biblical homemaking and get inspiration, encouragement, and creative ideas.

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