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Life Lessons from Death

DSC_0182I haven’t had a lot of first-hand experience with death, so I don’t feel at all qualified to write about it. Yesterday we lost our beloved family dog, and I know that losing a pet isn’t anything like losing a person. Except, it is. And when something profound happens in my life, I write. So I will attempt to tackle my emotions through my typing fingertips and hope you’ll forgive me if I make a mess of this post. Continue reading Life Lessons from Death

Breaking the Chains: Insecurity

My 3-year-old is playing a game on my iPad, and his brothers have come to watch. “I’m good at this game!” he announces confidently. With barely a pause between, the next words out of his mouth are a question: “Am I good at this game?”

Lately he likes to assert what he knows or what he imagines to be true and follow it very quickly with the question, “Right?” (“I’m 3, right? That’s a cat, right? It’s a sunny day, right?”) Continue reading Breaking the Chains: Insecurity