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The Art of Purging

anne-quote1For about the past week and a half, we have been decluttering and purging to the extreme. I so badly want to reflect on how good this has been for my soul, how the process can be simultaneously liberating and joyful although overwhelming and painful, too. I haven’t much time, however, as I’m on a schedule and have a purging deadline. Continue reading The Art of Purging

Beautiful Woman

Just when you think I may never blog again, I post something almost completely unrelated to anything else on my blog. I have high aspirations to blog more frequently, and we have adventures on the horizon that will provide some once-in-a-lifetime writing material. However, for today, I just want to share some thoughts on being a woman. Continue reading Beautiful Woman

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Many of my Facebook friends recently listed several random, interesting, or relatively unknown facts about themselves, and anyone who liked their posts was then given a number of items to list in his or her own status. I have enjoyed reading these posts, and I have subsequently been assigned numbers ranging from 5 to 13. Being the wordy writer that I am, naturally I have decided to turn this into a blog post instead of a Facebook status. Continue reading 10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Crystal’s Christmas Chronicle: 2013

Here we are, just a few days before Christmas, and I finally have time to sit down and jot some thoughts about the year. I know these days few people have little time to sit and read Christmas newsletters, and even fewer have time to write them, but I am one of those who actually enjoys doing both. Last year I decided to post my newsletter on my blog for those who care to read it and leave it out of my Christmas card for those who don’t, which worked out well and saved me both paper and ink.  So, here I go again … 2013 in review, from my family to yours! Continue reading Crystal’s Christmas Chronicle: 2013

Life Lessons from Death

DSC_0182I haven’t had a lot of first-hand experience with death, so I don’t feel at all qualified to write about it. Yesterday we lost our beloved family dog, and I know that losing a pet isn’t anything like losing a person. Except, it is. And when something profound happens in my life, I write. So I will attempt to tackle my emotions through my typing fingertips and hope you’ll forgive me if I make a mess of this post. Continue reading Life Lessons from Death