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I was born in Idaho and raised in Montana as a farm girl who didn’t know how good she had it in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Fifteen years ago, I married a Texan military man who took me around the country to a few different places, and we settled in North Carolina. We love mission work; I have been to the Philippines, Mexico, and Tanzania; he has been to Panama and Cuba; and together we went to Tanzania, where we hope to return many times and spend much of the rest of our lives. (We also traveled Germany and France together, but that was just for fun.) We have three amazing little boys, currently ages 7, 5, and 3. Yes, they keep us busy, laughing, grateful, and marveling every day.

I love to write, play the flute, and help people find ways to feel and live their best. In addition, I am a dedicated homeschool mom, which is another adventure and mission in and of itself. I also enjoy showing others how essential oils can enhance their lives and am interested in a variety of health, wellness, real food, and DIY topics.

Most of all, I love Jesus. Sure, other things vie for my attention and affection, but I am drawn to Him every moment and cannot imagine life without Him. My journey, my life, is about Him. He rescued me, put me in a wonderful family, spared me from myself more times than I can count, and continues to strengthen me as we work out this salvation together.

I used to write and edit for a living, and I have missed it. I just need to write. Why the name “Crystal Clear As Mud?” Well, I don’t have any clear answers or sage wisdom to offer . . . just my thoughts, which are often muddy waters. This blog is therapeutic for me. My hope is that writing draws me closer to my Savior. I allowed it to become my identity before, and I am determined only to find my identity in Him forevermore.

Thanks for reading my blog (and be sure to check out my page of links and favorite causes, too).

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So much fun to read, I love your blog. It helps me feel a bit closer to you and your family. Live you

  2. You sound just like me! Awesome to see that someone else, albeit far away, is doing much the same things as my family: following Jesus, homeschooling, three boys close in age, doTerra, etc. Being wife, mom, teacher, chef… life is full! God bless you in your adventures 🙂

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