Choose Your Pain

IMG_4338Let’s talk about the pain of discipline. It isn’t easy to build a business big enough to give you financial and time freedom for the rest of your life — and it shouldn’t be easy. Few things that are worthwhile come easily. It isn’t always fun to be away from home/family/etc. 2-3 nights a week to do classes and meetings. It isn’t always easy to pick up the phone and follow up with people. No one likes rejection or disappointment when people don’t show up or don’t do what they say they will do.

Honestly, it just feels easier to give up when you’re dealing with frustration and setbacks. But will turning back help you reach your dreams and fulfill your why faster, more slowly, or maybe not at all? Are you really willing to sacrifice the things you wrote as your why’s and put on your dream board because it was a hard day? Are you going to let a naysayer or person who didn’t show up determine your success or failure, or are you going to decide to persevere in spite of the odds, the pain of discipline, the things that make this hard?

If you don’t give up, what rewards await you? If you do give up or take a step back from your business because it isn’t going as fast as you’d hoped or because you feel like you can’t do it all anymore, you’ll experience the temporary pleasures of comfort, peace, and happiness. It will be painless and maybe even feel like such a relief. You’ll feel like you made the best decision because of these feelings. But what about those why’s, those hopes, those plans and dreams, and what about all of the people in the world who would thank you for helping them find natural solutions and changing their lives? What about those team members who are watching you, making their own plans and dream boards and hoping to see you succeed because they believe if you can do it, they can, too? What happens to them?

The temporary pain of discipline pays off long term, but we are a microwave, give-it-to-me-now society. We don’t want to wait. We don’t want to develop the discipline and character that it takes to keep going when it isn’t fun and easy. That’s why they say, “Everyone wants to be a diamond, but few are willing to be cut.” There’s pressure, pain, and lots of time involved to form diamonds.

I still maintain that my worst day in my network marketing business is better than my best day of working for someone else, sitting behind a desk, funding my boss’s dreams while barely paying my bills — but I realized today I may not say these things enough because people walk away and say they feel good doing so, which means it must be the best or right thing. I’m not going to argue because I can’t tell anyone what’s best for their life, but I can tell you that sticking with it won’t always “feel good.”

Plain and simply, those who refuse to throw their dreams in the dumpster always find a way, no matter how much it hurts, and they AMAZE me with their conviction, passion, heart, and loyalty to serve others and reach their goals. There’s another saying that if you want it enough, you’ll find a way, and if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. Any excuse can also be a why; any obstacle can be the motivation to overcome. The hardest things to endure are usually the things that shape us, make us stronger, and help us become victorious in the end. Without the struggle, you’ll never be able to help your team members through the their struggles. I see over and over that my stories of hardships and difficulty inspire others more than all of the inspiring words I can try to muster.

So yes, I’ve had people turn their backs on me, cancel classes, not show up, stop talking to me altogether; I’ve had product returns that caused me to lose bonuses and rank; I’ve had months where the volume and the pay were thousands less than the month before … but I could always see the horizon in my mind and never let go of the hope of where I, my family, this team, and our company are going.

I believe my company is going to succeed with or without me, and I decided I want to be with, no matter what, come what may! These oily gifts of the earth are worth it; the people we get to help are worth it; YOUR DREAMS are worth it. If you’re still reading, please don’t ever believe that you’re not enough, your dreams are too big, or the pain of discipline is too much. I wish I could scream it to you: THAT’S NOT TRUE! The pain of regret comes when you realize others did it and you could have, too. I would rather push you through the pain of discipline and make you a little mad at me sometimes than see you experience the pain of regret and be mad at yourself. It’s never too late to start again; that’s the beautiful thing. Any day can be your business re-launch day. You can push the restart button if you’ve slowed down or backed away or gave up but already regret it.

There are so many people out there who need what we have. Let’s get it into their hands and focus on the activity we need to do. The results will sort themselves out. Some will, some won’t, and we can’t get stuck focusing on those who won’t when so many who will are waiting. What do you say? Let’s all find someone who needs oils today and share in spite of the fear and see what happens — and no matter what happens, do it again tomorrow.

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