Beautiful Woman

Just when you think I may never blog again, I post something almost completely unrelated to anything else on my blog. I have high aspirations to blog more frequently, and we have adventures on the horizon that will provide some once-in-a-lifetime writing material. However, for today, I just want to share some thoughts on being a woman.


You see, I’m reading Captivating for the second time. The first time was 10 years ago, and I remember the book being wonderful then … but I’m 10 years older now. Back then the oldest of my three children was still just a twinkle in his father’s eye. I had much to learn about love and life and womanhood. Now, I feel I can actually understand so much more of the meaning to the words I’m reading.

As I read through chapter 2 a few days ago, I felt I needed to write down every descriptive word and phrase that stood out to me as something fundamental to being a woman … something God created us to be but that most of us don’t believe we are. After I finished reading the chapter, I compiled all of those words and phrases into something of a poem. I hope you enjoy it.

Beautiful Woman 
I am naturally relational
And deeply vulnerable.
Instinctively I nurture;
My very body offers life.
I seek adventure, together,
And long for romance.
In the battle, I, too, rescue,
For I am a sustaining lifesaver.
Creatively I offer help;
I can nourish, comfort, and heal.
I am not a problem to be solved
But a vast wonder to explore.
My inner strength is glorious,
But beware if I must unleash
My righteous jealousy.
I am alluring, breathtaking, radiant,
And unashamed of my magnificence.
My redemptive love invites and draws …
It captures, captivates, and inspires.
Drink it in, but the well won’t run dry.
The soul pierced with longing
Can be filled from my fountain of beauty —
Beauty both mysterious and transcendent.
It speaks, “All is well. All will be well.”
It brings peace and rest.
This beauty is desperately needed,
Essential and irreplaceable.
It is my eternal essence.
My feminine heart
Reflects the glory of my intimate Creator.
My radiance is His design.
My passion echoes the song of His heart.
This is the core of who I am,
The deepest truth about me.
Isn’t it beautiful?
–Crystal Garvin

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